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This game is made by Unity2D

CAUTION This game is still testing, there may be bugs.  Shut down the game immediately after you have finished playing it. Otherwise you may encounter a system crush.

Press space to enter the game and switch map.

This game involves two player competing with each other. Player 1 is blue. Use keybord's  direction key to move. Press space to place the bomb.

Playe 2 is red. Use an Xbox controller to control.  Use cross keys to move. Press A to place the bomb. 

The bomb will paint the ground with its player's color. After time is up, the one has larger region wins.  Players will be killed if they are touched by the explosion.  The killed player will be revived shortly at where he/she died. When you step into other player's color, you will be decelerated.

There will be collectable items randomly generated on the map. The coke will increase the numbers of bomb you can drop. The bottle will increase the bomb's power. The Yakult is a disposable item. It will make your next bomb's explosion covers the whole row. All the items you collected except Yakult will be reset after you died.


BombLink.rar 76 MB
Bombert.mp4 17 MB

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