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Game Overview:

The Polly is a game with special art style. The core value of this game is that people must unite and help each other in order to overcome difficulties. This echos the theme: Fusion. During the game, the player needs to find and recruit four pals: a sea horse, an octopus, a puffer and an electric ray. Only with all four pals can the player solve all the puzzles and achieve the ultimate goal: Save the whale which is trapped by fishing net. In the last scene, the player needs to use all four pals in combine to solve the puzzle. We believe players can appreciate the importance of team work after playing this game.

This game is in testing stage currently. There may be bugs and unfriendly control systems. There will be further updates to fix and improve the game. If you encounter any problems, you can contact the programmer.

 Control Introduction:

Player needs to use an Xbox controller to play this game. Use the left stick to move the player. Press the cross key to summon your pal. You can cancel the summon by pressing B.

 Press the up button of the cross key to summon electric ray. Then press the R3 button to activate it. It can interact with certain puzzles.

 Press the left button of the cross key to summon sea horse. Then press LB to sprint.

 Press the right button of the cross key to summon the octopus. Use the right stick to aim and press R3 to fire. It will grab the first obstacle(Only the type it can move) it encounters. Then use the right stick to move both the octopus and the item it grabbed. Move the item to your desired position and then press B to place it.

 Press the down button of the cross key to summon the puffer. Just like the octopus, you can use the right stick to aim and press R3 to fire. It will explode 5 seconds after it collides with the first obstacle. You can use it again after the explosion.

 Team Members:

Programmer: Li YuQi(BUPT)

Programmer:Du Kai(CUC)

Art Designer:Wang HaoYu(BIGC)

Art Designer:Xv Hui(CUC)


test.exe 635 kB
polly.mp4 36 MB
GroupMember.jpg 4 MB

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